Auto Options

£95.00£295.00 Exc. VAT

  • One sensor per gate unit
  • Either sensor will keep both gate units open
  • No wiring between gates
  • Power taken from gate unit
  • Uses diffuse IR so no reflector to line up for the 4.6metre standard gate
  • Uses reflective IR with reflector for the 5metre and 6metre gate
  • Allows long vehicles to pass through safely
  • The gate unit changes to auto close mode automatically when the sensor is attached



Automatic gate options

We use a range of automatic gate options and all are suitable for the Inst-e-Gate and in most circumstances the Wheel-e-Gate. Auto open and close is not always suitable for the Beast-e-Gate. For automatically controlling gate closure or automatically opening the gate we use either diffuse IR sensing or reflective IR sensing. There is no difference in cost.

  • Diffuse IR sensing is appropriate for a gateway gap of 5.0m or less. No reflector used so there is no requirement to line the sensor up with anything. We fix and wire these units in prior to dispatch.
  • Reflective IR is suitable for gateway gaps of over 5.0m and consists of a sensor and prismatic reflector. Both sensor and reflector need a solid fixing point. This sensor is sent out separately but is easily wired into the cabinet junction box.

Auto Close

The motor board detects when a sensor is present and will then enter auto close mode. Once opened the Dofygate will look for an obstruction (passing vehicle) for 8 seconds and if the gap is clear then initiate closing. If the gap is not clear then the Dofygate will wait until it is. The period between opening the Dofygate and closing taking place can be changed.

Auto Open

A sensor sits on a post about 3.0m from the Dofygate. If a vehicle passes in front then it will send a radio message to open the gate. The auto open unit is self contained with its own solar and battery pack.

Timed Open and Close

This unit is wired into either one of the Dofygate cabinets and consists of a time clock, control board and LED flashing light. The clock allows the gate to be opened and closed at various times throughout the week in the same way as a central heating clock works. Prior to a timed closure the bright LED will flash for 8 seconds before the Dofygate shuts. If there is an obstruction then the gate will keep looking until the obstruction is clear and then shut.