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How it works

A gate based intercom and keypad unit sits at the gate. Entry is gained directly by entering the correct access code into the keypad which will open the gate. Alternatively pressing the call button alerts an office based handset by radio signal. The handset can converse with whoever is at the gate allowing entry using the hash key. The gate based unit is run from a battery / solar unit  and communicates with the DOFYGATE by radio. The gate based intercom is an independent unit and can be placed at any convenient location near the gate.

The office based handset has a rechargeable battery and comes complete with battery charger and holder unit for your convenience. The range between the two parts is 200m for speech and 400m if the unit is just used as an alert. The handset will ring in response to someone activating the gate unit and will open the gate. At the longer range conversation will probably be unreliable and unclear.

The parts

The handset and gate unit are priced separately providing a flexible setup. Communication is possible between handsets and more than one gate based unit. The unusual set up is one gate unit and one handset.

  1. Handset – comes with charger and holder.
  2. Gate unit – comes with its own power supply using a 6v AGM battery and solar panel


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Handset, Gate unit, Handset plus gate unit