£125.00 Exc. VAT

Suitable for Driveway Gates, Animal control, Traffic barrier and limited access areas

  • Takes power from nearest gate.
  • Touchscreen with LED pad.
  • Secure keypad entry and exit on another keypad, button or auto open
  • Up to 90 codes so one or more constant and one or more variable
  • Codes changed using master code entry on keypad
  • Gate opens on correct code
  • Sensor prevents automatic gate closure while operating keypad


How it works

The LED touchscreen keypad is normally off so consuming no power. This is achieved by using a very low power timer board located below the keypad. A button then activates the timer. When the button on this box is pressed the keypad activates allowing the access code entered. If the correct code is entered then a wireless message is sent to the gates and the keypad goes back to sleep.

By using a code the time the gate stays open prior to automatically closing can be varied. Alternatively one of the automatic gate sensors can be re-located to the keypad post which will keep the gate open for as long as necessary.

The 12 volt power supply for the keypad is taken from the nearest unit or from an attached solar/battery unit.


The keypad has an RFID option where access can be made using a keyring tag. The range between tag and RFID reader is limited to 40mm. Tags can be added and removed individually.

Options to exit the keypad controlled area

Since the gate closes automatically a means of exit is required

  1. Fixed radio button
  2. Automatic opening
  3. A second keypad