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Suitable for Yards and Fields containing Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Pigs and other livestock.

Available with 4 bars in 2.5 meter single unit or 4.6 meter pair.

• Supplied with all fittings, two fobs and built in energiser
• Does not require any outside power source or any wires to or between gate posts
• Opens or closes in just 3.5 seconds
• Contains animals safely and securely using a unique energiser that provides a shock when touched.
• Easy access to pedestrians
• Easily moved from location to location.
• Built in solar panel and battery designed to run all year
• Will absorb a violent encounter before breaking using a special clutch mechanism



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The Dofygate was originally designed to contain livestock using a lightweight construction based on carbon fibre bars and an energiser that only provides shock when touched. This makes the gate extremely efficient with a standby power requirement of less than 5 milliamps.

The gate would normally operate as a pair covering 4.6m from post centre to post centre and is fixed to the existing gateposts using the clamp and adjustable bracket we provide. This fixing system can be attached to any post or wall with a flat face or diameter greater than 125mm. The bracket can be adjusted so that the gate is upright and meets its partner gate.

The gate unfolds as it closes which moves towards the animal within its normal field of view causing the animal to hesitate. In just 2 seconds ¾ of the gateway is shut enabling the driver to enter and leave areas even when the animals are around the gateway. The gates can be simply moved from location to location by moving the gate from bracket to bracket.

In most stock situations the height extensions are required adding an extra carbon fibre bar above and one below the standard unit.

The energiser unit is contained in the cabinet and provides a set of three shocks when an animal contacts the gate. The first is 4k volts and the second two are of 7k volts. These shocks are of considerably less power than a standard fencer as the unit has to deal with a2.3 metres of gate and not 1-10,km of fence. If the shock is to strong the animals will not 

The Livestock gate is suitable for containing

  • Cows and calves
  • Sheep
  • Horses
  • Pigs
  • Llamas

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2.3 meter single unit, 4.6 meter pair