Phone Opening

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  • Call from mobile phone or landline
  • No call charge created
  • Unit has its own Simm card
  • A built in button to opens gate directly
  • Any caller can open the gate or only pre-registered callers
  • Mains power or independent solar / battery supply
  • Phone unit communicates with gate by radio


How it works

The RTU (Remote Telephone Unit) unit has its own simm card providing the unit with its own phone number and text capability. The RTU is linked to a radio unit that send an open signal to the Dofygate. The range of this radio unit is up to 70 metres. The RTU can be called from anywhere and from any phone.

When the RTU receives a call it activates the radio unit and consequently the gate to opens. The delay is usually about 6 seconds. The gate closes automatically using the Dofygate Auto close system.

*********   No call charge is created   **********

There are two ways of setting up the RTU unit

  1. Any caller can open the gate by calling the correct number – This is a good starting point for any system.
  2. Authorised callers only – the gate will only open for numbers pre-registered with the unit. Authorised numbers are added and removed from the authorised list by text message. Similarly flipping between any and authorised caller is also carried out the same way.

********   Text messages are charged at the network rate.   *********

There are two ways to power the phone unit

  1. The linked radio unit has a range of up to 70m. Therefore where power is within that range a mains unit is the best choice.
  2. Where no power is within 70m of the gate then the solar/battery supply is needed so creating an independent RTU.

There are two versions of the RTU unit

  1. The standard RTU5024 described above will do all that is required in most circumstances.
  2. The PC version RTU5025 works in the same way as the RTU5024 and also links to a PC or laptop to record any action undertaken by the RTU. Time and date of use is recorded and held ready for download plus it easier to add and remove authorised users. This version is appropriate for parks where users can be authorised for specific periods and will automatically be discontinued at the end of that period. This unit is not suitable for a solar power supply.

Additional information

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