Remote button

£60.00 Exc. VAT

  • Wired or Radio (with battery) option
  • Waterproof button in 85*85mm exterior Wiska Box
  • Separate wall/post fixing part
  • Grommets included
  • Required and provided with 7 bar gate (one of)
  • Can be fitted to any other gate
  • Works as well as or instead of cabinet button


How it works

The fixed remote button unit can be either wired into the gate or use a radio link. Our standard version is now the radio button version in a waterproof box. This button activates a transmitter that is tuned into the gate allowing operation from anywhere within 50m. Though more normally the button is about 3m from the gate and handy to reach from a vehicle. Where lorries and smaller vehicles need to use the button a second box at an appropriate height can be wired in tandem and this is where the wired button might be used. The single button box opens the gate leaving it to close automatically and usually used with the Inst-e-Gate where required. A two button box can both open and close the gate is usually used with the Beast-e-Gate where automatic closing is not considered appropriate. Power is supplied by a standard PP3 9v alkaline battery.

The Fixed remote button allows access where the remote control fob may not be to hand or for occasional users. Also the button allows an electrified DOFYGATE to be operated without a fob while remaining entirely insulated from the gate.

There are two versions

  1. Single button unit for gates with automatic closing
  2. Double button unit for gates with no automatic closing which are usually stock based gates

Situations include

  • Stock gates – the Fixed remote radio button isolates the user from the shock of the gate.
  • Keypad – The keypad allows secure entry and the remote button allows exit.
  • Workshops – Fixed to a wall within the workshop puts the fitters in control.

Fixed close and handy to the gate a radio unit within the button box communicates with the DOFYGATE. Fixed at a height suitable it allows easy operation from a pickup truck or car window.

Additional information

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