£125.00 Exc. VAT

  • Set the time the gate is to open (Timer on)
  • Set the time the gate is to close (Timer off)
  • Weekend and weekday timings available
  • Gate operates with fob or other option when closed
  • Bright LED flashes prior to a timed closing


How it works

Working like a heater control the timer will open the gate when ‘on’ and close the gate when the timer is ‘off’. When the gate is closed other opening methods such as fob, phone or keypad will work normally. If the timer is on and so the gate is open then no other remote control system will cause the gate to shut. The system can be over-ridden by direct access to the timer unit.

In case a vehicle approaches at the same time as a timed closure is about to occur a flashing LED provides 8 seconds of warning.

The timer unit allows up to 20 programs that can overlay each other for example the gate can open between 7 and 10am each day except weekends when it stays closed. At weekends it can open at say 12 noon to 2pm for visitors and on Wednesdays it can open from 7 to 12am for weekly deliveries.