DOFYGATE is a uniquely designed Driver Operated Gate that is ideal for controlling livestock, traffic and visitors on farms, business properties, building sites and private residences.

With several electric gates to choose from, DOFYGATE's solar electric gates are equipped with innovative technology to manage effective access control and safely secure ANY site.

2 Bar Electric Gate

This automated gate effectively secures sites from unauthorised vehicles entries. No electric needed, the solar powered barrier fits to any post using a clamp and adjustable bracket that is provided.

4 Bar Electric Gate

A lightweight carbon fibre design allows a speedy and safe opening whilst using solar power. It features an additional bar above and below from the standard traffic DOFYGATE design with additional diagonal support. This gate can be operated through fob, keypad and phone entries or intercom and manually timed openings.

7 Bar Electric Gate

Ideal for animal control, this gate is fitted with the unique DOFYGATE ENERGISER which provides a shock when the gate is touched. It is designed to contain or exclude animals within or from a property whilst allowing easy access for vehicles and pedestrians.

Automatic Gate Options

DOFYGATE have a variety of gate control options.

Mobile Barrier Hire

DOFYGATE offer portable barriers to hire for traffic control at shows and events. Entirely self contained, each gate operates all day without requiring attention.

Trafic control C
One way trafic