Wireless options for electric gates designed by Dofygate

Wireless opening options for the Dofygate electric gates

The range of wireless options offered by Dofygate work with the Wheel-e-Gate, Inst-e-Gate and Beast-e-Gate however special consideration needs to be given to use with the Wheel-e-Gate and Beast-e-Gate. The opening options for electric gates include Keypad, Phone, Intercom, Time Clock and automatic. Automatic closing needs to be added for all options except fob only control.

All opening options will work with each other and can be added at any time.

Notes to the keypad option

The keypad has an option for opening electric gates where power is taken from the nearest gate unit but consumption is minimal. The wired option is intended for use where the keypad is mounted on the same post as the gate unit.

Notes to the phone option

The phone with fob option works very well as a versatile combination.

Notes to the auto open option

Auto open on exit option for electric gates is popular with a keypad where the alternative would be our fixed radio button.

Wireless comms

The wireless options communicate with the electric gate or barrier unit using a 433 Mhz radio unit. The opening option activates the transmitter which sends a radio message up to 70m to activate the electric gate or barrier.

How we send the options out

We will send the option out paired to the gate or barrier unit so apart from fixing to the post where ever you choose there is little to do. Fix gate, fix option turn on and away it goes. as simple as that.

If I add the option to my electric gates later

Does not really matter. All out units will work with each other so apart from joining the opening option to its power supply there is no wiring to do. Normally we supply a solar panel battery pack with the option. You will need to pair the device with the gate or barrier but this is a simple task.