Bio Security


Traffic Management For Biosecurity

Safe, Solar & Tough

Mobile, Telephone or Keypad opening available


Dofygate 3 is an innovative traffic management solution that can be used to create safe and secure environments and control the movement of vehicles and people in a biosecure setting. This system is designed with a focus on biosecurity measures and can be deployed quickly in different settings such as agricultural facilities, research facilities, and quarantine zones.

Safe Traffic Management


Dofygate 3 is designed with safety in mind, reducing surprises for pedestrians and minimizing the impact on any obstructions. It has an overload protection sensor that withdraws the barrier if it makes contact with an obstruction. The barrier can be remotely operated from a distance of up to 120m, allowing for safe management of traffic flow without the need for personnel to be in close proximity.

solar powered traffic management


Dofygate 3 is designed with a bespoke 7-watt monocrystalline solar panel that can keep power consumption to a minimum and efficiency maximized, which is crucial for biosecurity measures. The solar-powered system provides ample reserve power for dull periods and can perform over 5000 cycles without assistance from the solar panel.

mobile traffic management

Mobile or fixed position

Dofygate 3 is a flexible and mobile traffic management solution that can adapt to changing needs in biosecure settings. With its compact design and lightweight structure, it can be easily moved around the site and mounted on a wheeled stand. The barrier's integrated carry handles make it effortless to lift, with a weight of only 25kg, including the battery.

However, when it comes to bio security, you may prefer a fixed position at the entrance and consider telephone or keypad opening - please contact us if this is what you are after.

tough traffic management


Dofygate 3 is built to withstand tough environments and perform reliably in all conditions. With features such as arm lock, collision protection, and tough covers, the carbon fiber arm construction combines high strength with lightweight, making it durable and easy to handle. It is also built to resist harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for use in biosecure settings.


Dofygate 3 offers a cost-effective solution for biosecurity traffic management needs. The system is built with integrated battery, solar panel, maintenance pack, and transmitters as standard. For added convenience, you can also opt for the wheeled stand option. With a coverage width of 3m to 6m, Dofygate 3 is a perfect fit for different biosecure settings, providing a fast and effective traffic management solution while saving time and money.

A key feature of Dofygate 3 is efficiency - allowing you to do more with less: Our system allows for the management of a site entrance while the user can carry out other tasks such as operating a forklift or assisting loading or unloading means the low cost unit can be quickly paid for.

Dofygate 3 is perfect for a range of applications, including construction and road projects, as well as traffic control around yards. It offers a reliable and affordable solution for your traffic management needs.

We provide a quick and easy means of controlling access so significantly improving bio-security into sensitive areas. Adjustable fittings make installation a simple process. The integrated solar panel charges and internal battery and matched to very low power consumption. Dofygate opens in 3.5 seconds and can close automatically so it is very easy for your employees to keep the gate closed.

Delivery drivers can either be forced to exit their cabs to open the gate and use a hand operated wheel wash or they can open the gate from their phone. Automatic closing ensures the barrier is always kept shut. Where an automated wheel washing facility is in place speed through the wash is controlled. Bio security is enhanced without compromising day to day work of site operatives.

Dofygate is designed to operate as a stand alone unit but can link to an existing access or wash system.