Q. Will the gate work in the dark ?
A. The solar panel charges a widely available 7 Amp/hour AGM gel battery. If the gate was in total darkness it would operate for around 3 weeks.

Q. How easy is the gate to fit ?
A. Make sure the post brackets are level. A piece or cord and a spirit level will suffice. Screw the post plates to the post using the screws/bolts supplied. Fit the adjustable bracket to the post plate using the supplied cap heads. Drop the gate into the adjustable bracket and tighten with the supplied cap heads. Use the adjustable bracket to line up the gate vertically and horizontally. Job done.

Q. What size post is needed ?
A. If the post held a gate previously it will hold Dofygate. The post plates require a flat face of at least 125mm edge to edge or a round post with a diameter at least 125mm. Alternatively the post plate will wrap around a 100mm square metal post.

Q. How big a gateway will Dofygate fit ?

Dofygate pair as measured from post centre to post centre
Up to 7.6m with no extensions and with 1m pedestrian gap.
Up to 6.6m with 2 bars (gate ends meeting)
Up to 5.0m with 4 bars
Up to 4.2m with 7 bars
Single unit
As measured from the centre of the cabinet to the tip of the gate arm.
Up to 3.6m with 2 bars
Up to 2.3m with 4 bars
Up to 2.1m with 7 bars
As measured from post centre to post centre.


Q.What happens if a vehicle crashes through the gate ?

A. A built in clutch will allow the gate to swing away before it breaks. The carbon fibre arms are extremely strong and a degree of flexibility is built in elsewhere. In most cases the gate will, survive unscathed. Where it does not it is very likely that it can be pulled back into shape. Survive-ability built in.

Q. What sort of maintenance is needed ?

A.The gate is built to be mechanically robust with little or no maintenance. The main working parts are stainless steel with sealed bearings on moving parts. Sealed for life motor and circuit boards are robust and resistant to moisture incursion.

Q. What is the difference between auto close and standard ?

A. The standard operating method is to open the gate using the open button on the fob or by pressing the button on top of the cabinet and close the gate using the close button on the fob or by pressing the button on top of the cabinet again.
When auto close is fitted the gate opens as above but closes on its own after 7-8 seconds if there is nothing obstructing the gateway. Obstructions are detected by the infra-red sensors fitted.

Q. What is the range of the fob ?
A. 50m from within a vehicle. 70m outside. 100m in direct line of site of the cabinet.


Q. How many gates will a fob operate ?
A. A fob will operate two gates within 100meters of each other and any number of gates separated by more than 100m. All fobs can work all gates. Each gate Can ‘remember’ up to 50 fobs. Where more than 10 fobs are required it is probably best to move to a telephone operated system or keypad.


Q. How does call 2 open work ?
A. You call the gate and the gate recognises the call, rings off and opens the gate. No call charges are created. The phone unit is located next to a standard 240 volt socket within 70m of the gate and sends an open signal to the gate on receiving a call. The unit can be set to only operate on receiving a call from specific phone numbers and has a memory for 99 stored numbers. Parameters and stored numbers are changed by text message. A solar/battery powered version that does not need to be located at a 240 volt plug is available.


Q. Is a keypad available ?
A. Yes. Either wired or stand-alone unit with a radio connection to the gate. Wired versions cannot be used with a gate using and energiser. The stand-alone version has its own battery and solar panel.

Q Is an Intercom available ?

A. Yes. The intercom unit comes with a battery that will last 6 months before needing an overnight recharge or an independent solar charger cam be supplied. The range for voice communication between the gate and the mobile handset is 200m which can open the gate using a dedicated handset button. The range is extended to 300m where the handset provides an alarm that someone is at rthe gate and can open the gate with no voice communication.

Q. Is the energiser included ?
A. The gate was developed for use with cattle and sheep so the built in energiser is not extra. However since an energiser should only be used to contain livestock and pets or exclude pests and predators we do not fit this unit to gates used in circumstances where this is not the case.

Q. What does the energiser do ?
A. The gate recognises when it is touched by an animal or any conducting object connected to earth. The reaction to this is a series of three shocks. The first is 4000 volts and the second and third is 7000 volts after which the energiser reverts to detection. The power (measured in Joules) is low and designed specifically for the gate.

Q. Can I run my electric fence from the gate energiser ?
A. No. Attaching the energiser to a fence may result in a deterioration of the shock.