A garden gate is there for a reason and that is usually to keep people out or animals out or to keep children or animals in. We at Dofygate offer a means of doing this with ease allowing you to travel in and out of your property in your vehicle without the need to open the gate and then close it again behind you.

I would wander if I could

One of our first installs of the 7 bar Dofygate as a garden gate with built in energiser was used to control a mixed group of dogs from the unruly to the ‘seen it all before’. This has been in place for 4 years now.

Another installation is working in Reverse. Here the object was not to keep anything in but to keep the sheep out. In Gloucestershire the farms drive their sheep though the small village and it is the house holders obligation to keep them out of their garden. Probably goes down better in Gloucestershire than it would in some other counties but the Dofygate means that keeping the gate shut is not a hassle.

The way the 7 Bar Dofygate works is to open so that all the extra bars are tucked behind. Where a shock is fitted (and it is up to the customer whether it is or not) then the shock is off as soon as the gate is opened and reset when it is closed. The shock is very mild, sufficient to discourage interference but no more than necessary to provide an effective barrier.

We have a couple of short videos showing how the gate works on Youtube to be found on the Dofygate channel

The links to these are below

Our 7 bar version is not only used as a garden gate for dogs and sheep. How about Llamas