The gate barrier controller used by Dofygate is is the heart of the machine managing the power input from the solar panel to charge the battery, the digital input from the IR sensors that control automatic closure, receives signal inputs from other devices, controls the motor and the motor overload should the gate arm contact something and finally supplying a controlled power supply to the various options available.

On top of all that our motor board can be re-programmed using an RF bootloader or in another language “we can update the gate without the need to connect to it” and this means we can send the programmer to you and you can keep your gate program up to date should any issues arise in the future that demand such an improvement.

To make this key piece of equipment robust our gate barrier controller is encased in a plastic mould. All wired connections are continuous with no joins or plugs making the whole electrical control system extremely resistant to any moisture that may find its way into the cabinet.