If you need to control access to help with Coronavirus

The Coronavirus may mean you wish to put entry restrictions in place but no means of controlling entry then Dofygate have the solution. Solar powered, remote controlled barrier with other opening options. Simply wheel into place, turn it on and the control is in place.

The Dofygate solution consists of a carbon fibre barrier that has been designed for solar and is not an existing design with a solar panel added. Everything is built in, there is no wiring and can be supplied with Wheelystands or to be fitted to existing posts. Opening options with automatic closing fitted include our standard fobs that form part of the package, keypad and telephone.

Where disease or virus precautions are, or have become a part of your business then Dofygate provides a solution that can be in place straight away. There are no other costs other than the posts, no wiring and no trenches for a power supply required.

Currently Dofygate is providing biosecurity on poultry units, controlled entry into building sites, traffic control within works areas, secure access into yards, parking control in schools and speed control in various situations.

Disease control by controlling access