7 Bar electrified gate

Gate for the exclusion of Otters from fishing lake

The 7 bar Dofygate with electrified bars that provide a shock to any interfering animal has been effective in preventing Otter incursion into a competition fishing lake at Honingham Norfolk. The lake is surrounded by Otter proof fencing but as with all such fence systems the weak point is the gate.

In this instance access was needed throughout the summer to get to the irrigation pump located just behind the fishing lake and the gamekeeper to access parts of the area for vermin control. The Dofygate allowed the parking area to remain close to the lake while not interfering with the day to day needs of the regular users.

Access was set up using

  • Fixed post mounted buttons both sides
  • Fobs – a total of 6 fobs for those needing regular access
  • Phone – Call the gate and it opens for all others unable to access the buttons from their vehicles (tractors)

We believe our gate will keep badgers out in the same way but do not have  a gate set up to do this yet. We will provide a gate FOC for 1 year and purchase option at 50% discount if satisfied to any person wanting to try it.

Call 01263 493102

We currently have this offer taken up by Nottingham University who will have our gate on trial for another 6 months. we would be interested in speaking with other parties as we believe there is a significant role that Dofygate can play in the exclusion of Badgers from vulnerable areas.