Pedestrian Gate

Pedestrian Twickenham

Safe crossing point Wiltshire

DOFYGATE can be adapted to create safe crossing points on busy internal thorofares.


  1. The gate acts in normally so the driver has to stop to press a button to open the gate at the crossing point.
  2. The gate is reversed to be normally uip pand thge pedestrian operates the gate to close it across the thorofare.

1. In this instance the vehicle is brought to a stop with any pedestrian close to the crossing point in full view. It is the drivers responsibility to first operate the gate by pressing a button on a convenient post and then driving forward. IR sensors will keep the gate up until the vehicle or following vehicles have passed and a bright LED flashes until the gate closes automatically and it is safe to cross.

2.In this instance the gate is normally up and the pedestrian can close the gate by pressing a convenient button. The IR sensors look for pedestrians still crossing instead of vehicles and will keep the gate down while a pedestrian is in transit. The gate then rises automatically when the crossing is clear.

Standard set

  • Pair of Dofygate
  • Auto close (or open as in case 2)
  • Wired buttons
  • Flashing LEDs (optional)
  • All other fittings and fobs are part of the standard package