Sheep gate stubble turnips

Sheep on stubble turnips at Calthorpe

The 7 bar DOFYGATE will contain Ewes and lambs making access to a lambing paddock simple and fast. All bars and guards facing the sheep provide an electric shock when touched using our unique DOFYGATE energiser.

The electric shock is only produced when the energiser is activated which is done by any animal touching the gate which effectively grounds it. In response the energiser produces three shocks each 1 second apart. The first shock is 4000 volts and the second and third are 7000 volts but of low power. While in detection mode power consumption is a negligible 0.5 milliamps but when activated is uses the same as any other fencer unit.

The 7 bar gate is being used both to contain sheep within and to keep sheep out of a property while allowing easy access using fobs.

While the full range of opening options are available, the standard set up using the fobs that come with the gate package have been sufficient to meet customer needs.