Improve safety on your property or site, by controlling traffic movement either into a work area or via the creation of a safe pedestrian crossing.

With Dofygate, traffic-calming and halting or pedestrian management can be achieved without the need for mains powered electric gates or the disadvantage of slowly opening gates.


Avoiding contact between vehicles and people or other vehicles is high on the list of site safety requirements. A suitably placed Dofygate can prevent delivery drivers or customers driving or walking into areas where they may place themselves or their vehicles in danger from moving vehicles.

Dofygates are ideal for politely keeping customers out of areas reserved for staff parking or away from the working part of warehouses, while allowing easy access for loader drivers and other authorised persons.

Where loading or tipping is taking place, the unexpected arrival of a vehicle from the weighbridge may cause a problem. A simple stopping point, created by the installation of a Dofygate, controlled by the loader driver working on the pad can avoid such unexpected arrivals.

potential uses
potential uses

Marked out walkways often require pedestrians to cross roads used by heavy vehicles. A Dofygate controlled by the pedestrian can ensure traffic is brought to a halt while the crossing takes place. The Dofygate can be set to be is normally up and then closed by the pedestrian for crossing, or set to be normally down and opened by the driver having been brought to a halt first.

Dofygates have also been successfully deployed to control access in parks, golf courses and other venues, keeping visitors in the correct locations around the venue, without interfering with day-to-day on-site tasks by preventing customers from wandering or driving into unauthorized areas. They are especially useful in golf buggy control around busy golf courses and can also act as an alternative to traditional pelican crossings around private and public venues.


A 2 bar Dofygate (available with widths up to 6.0 metres) is a versatile way of covering these areas and improving site safety. There are a variety of opening options but the standard set up with the two supplied fobs and perhaps a remote fixed button is often all that is required. Heavyweight stands are available for use where the gate is not permanent or to avoid the need to dig up any concrete.

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