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[button link=”https://youtu.be/53-fTnBusjo” color=”green”]Post Fixing[/button] The 4 bar Dofygate provides a more conventional look to our unique solar powered gate while retaining all the features that make this the ideal choice. Once installed the speed and reliability of DOFYGATE means that regular users hardly notice the presence of the gate while those you do not want…

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Farm Parks

[button link=”https://youtu.be/dKF_bkPLUGY” color=”green” window=”yes”]Craft centre video[/button]       Farm parks create a multitude of challenges , one of which is controlling people and vehicles while allowing support and maintenance staff to travel unimpeded. Trailer rides into enclosures may require an extra person to open and shut the gate but the remote controlled DOFYGATE allows…

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Our latest addition.

The team at Dofygate, are very excited to be able to bring to you our latest addition. The new 4 bar gate. It’s a hybrid, with the added angle bars it gives the gate a better look. Its opening and closing times are still fast and effective. Give us a call for a free demonstration.

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New Dog Gate Video

Have a look at our new video on the galleries page of this website. It shows the dog gate as seen by fixed PIR controlled cameras. Real footage showing the gate at work. Video click here

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Now contains Llamas

We adapted our dog gate to contain a mixed set of animals including Llamas, Rheas, goats and sheep. This was at Monk Farm Park near Leeds. It has made the job of taking visitors around on the tractor and trailer much easier.

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Why Dofygate is better than the alternatives

Bump Gates – Dofygate is better because you will not damage the front of your vehicle or endanger livestock or people standing the other side Bump Gates are used around the world though largely in the ‘ranch’ type situations more than the more intensive European production systems. They require the passing vehicle to make contact with…

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