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Sheep and lambs


The 7 bar DOFYGATE will contain Ewes and lambs making access to a lambing paddock simple and fast. All bars and guards facing the sheep provide an electric shock when touched using our unique DOFYGATE energiser. The electric shock is only produced when the energiser is activated which is done by any animal touching the…

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Health and Safety Event

Dofygate is off to the NEC on the 7th for the 2018 Health and Safety Event. 3 days and based on the response last autumn at the similar event held in London it should be good for us. https://www.healthandsafetyevents.co.uk/event Find us on stand HS269 and our entry in the directory is here https://www.healthandsafetyevents.co.uk/page_930226.asp    

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Enforcing a one way system

one way traffic system solar powered

Ensuring a one way system works it is important that drivers unfamiliar with the system cannot make a mistake. This is especially true where exit disinfection or children are involved. By only allowing the gate to be operated from one direction it is impossible for a driver to make a mistake. We can also offer…

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Now contains Llamas


We adapted our dog gate to contain a mixed set of animals including Llamas, Rheas, goats and sheep. This was at Monk Farm Park near Leeds. It has made the job of taking visitors around on the tractor and trailer much easier.

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Dofygate installation at Ernest Doe

Ernest Doe

Ernest Doe Wymondham Branch wanted a gate to control visitors or customers from driving into or wandering into the workshop area. A busy place with machinery moving around at all times and not somewhere for the casual visitor. Dofygate controls this during the day while at night normal security is in place.

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