Waste & Recycling


Manage Traffic throughout your site from Ingress, to Yard, Weighbridge, Shed & Egress.


Dofygate 3 is an innovative solution for traffic management that can be quickly deployed to control the movement of vehicles and people in various settings. It's designed to create safe working environments and is ideal for use in yards, entrances for industrial sites, farms, waste management weighbridges, and many other applications.

In recycling centres the barrier provides a place for vehicles to stop prior to entering the tipping or loading area. This puts the fork lift or loader driver in charge of their working area and stops vehicles arriving unexpectedly.

The barrier is useful in controlling entry onto weighbridges, ensures sign in and avoids vehicles moving onto a weighbridge too quickly and stopping suddenly while on it.

Safe Traffic Management


Dofygate 3 is designed with safety in mind. The barrier arm comes from the side, reducing surprises for pedestrians and minimizing the impact on any obstructions. It also has an overload protection sensor that withdraws the barrier if it makes contact with an obstruction. The barrier can be remotely operated from a distance of up to 120m, allowing for safe management of traffic flow without the need for personnel to be in close proximity.

Solar Traffic Management


Dofygate 3 is designed with solar energy in mind, ensuring power consumption is minimal while maximizing efficiency. The system features bespoke 7-watt monocrystalline solar panels and low waste, high conversion MPPT solar charge control. The solar-powered system provides ample reserve power for dull periods, and it can perform over 3800 cycles without assistance from the solar panel.

Mobile Traffic Management


Dofygate 3 is a flexible and mobile traffic management solution that can adapt to changing needs. With its compact design and lightweight structure, it can be easily moved around the site and mounted on a wheeled stand. The barrier's integrated carry handles make it effortless to lift, with a weight of only 25kg, including the battery.

Tough Mobile Barrier


Dofygate 3 is built to withstand tough environments and perform reliably in all conditions. With features such as arm lock, collision protection, and tough covers, the carbon fiber arm construction combines high strength with lightweight, making it durable and easy to handle. It's built to resist harsh weather conditions, making it perfect for use in yards, entrances for industrial sites, farms, waste management weighbridges, and many other applications.


CASE STUDY: Ecogen Enhances Safety and Operational Efficiency with Dofygate Traffic Management Barriers. 

Company Overview:  

Based in Hampshire but offering waste management services to businesses nationwide, Ecogen is one of the UK's leading providers of sustainable recycling solutions for paper, cardboard, plastics and expanded polystyrene (EPS) waste.  

Ecogen demonstrates a strong commitment to health and safety, considering their industry's inherent risks. Having established a new site, Ecogen's safety-focused approach encompasses layout, access, pedestrian management, and segregation, resulting in an environment that prioritizes both safety and efficiency.  


Challenges and Solution: 

  • Safety First Philosophy: The company prioritizes health and safety due to the high-risk nature of their industry. 
  • COVID-19 and Expansion: The company embarked on site development in March 2020, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, growing its operations. 
  • Discovering Dofygate: The company directors encountered Dofygate's solutions at a trade show, aligning perfectly with their need for innovative traffic management solutions. 
  • Tailored Implementation: Dofygate's gates were initially introduced to manage access and egress. Over time, the company found additional applications, optimizing traffic flow across the site utilising bespoke development where needed.  

 Benefits and Achievements: 

  • Consulting Health & Safety Advisors: The company collaborates with an independent Health, Safety, and HR consultancy, which praised their Dofygate implementation and showcased it as a model for good traffic management. 
  • Enhanced Traffic Management: As the company transitioned to multiple entrances and exits on their site, Dofygate's solutions efficiently managed the increased traffic flow and challenges associated with complex layouts. 
  • Customization and Collaboration: Collaborative efforts with Dofygate's team resulted in tailored solutions, including barrier placement in tight corners, warning beacons, and noise-sensitive environments. 

Quality, Reliability, and Future Considerations: 

  • Product Quality and Value: The company considers the investment in Dofygate solutions as valuable due to their reliability, minimal maintenance requirements, and ease of issue resolution. 
  • Future Expansion: The company expresses a strong likelihood of purchasing additional Dofygate solutions to cater to further expansion needs. 

 Recommendations and Conclusion: 

  • Continued Reliance on Dofygate: The company emphasizes its confidence in Dofygate's effectiveness and expresses a willingness to continue using and recommending their solutions. 
  • Conclusion: Dofygate's solutions have significantly improved the company's safety and operational efficiency, earning recognition from both their health and safety advisors and peers in the waste management industry. 

This case study showcases how Dofygate's solutions have enabled a waste management company to achieve high standards of safety and traffic management, while also raising questions about the future sustainability of their partnership in an evolving industry landscape.