Unlocking Garden Centres

Garden centres open for business

Following the speech from Boris Johnson on Sunday it seems Garden Centres can at last open after 2 months of trying to move stock through  completely different routes to those they geared themselves up for.

Covid 19 is very likely to have an influence on how shops, garden centres or anywhere else that deals with the public within a restricted space.

A Dofygate can assist the control of visitors while allowing staff to work more easily without having to control entry and exit by attending a barrier in person.

A range of 200m from the long range fob or 70m from our standard fob in open situations allows control from distance.

The Inst-e-Gate provides a full range of opening options while the Wheel-e-Gate provides a barrier that is not only self contained but mobile as well. This means that the point of control can move which may suit some garden centres where the relevant sales area may vary.

Unlocking from Covid-19
Garden Centre Gate