Getting back to work

Getting back to work

When it comes to getting back to work the fact the EU, well Germany and France have announced a package of measures amounting to £453 billion is significant bearing in mind the stance previously taken by Germany. Since much of this is to be provided by way of grants rather than loans to allow EU business to rebuild represents a means by which real help will be given.

Who will receive all this money

It remains to be seen who the major recipients of this largess will reside. If the money finds its way into Spain who currently have an unsustainable 30% level of unemployment then that is good. If however it ends up mainly refinancing business in the northern states then that will create trouble from which it will difficult for the European project to survive.

A global view from KPMG is available here.....

But for the world of small business some options to take on board is available that may help in getting back to work and profitability  here....

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