Unlocking Lockdown

Mobile remote controlled, self-contained barrier for use anywhere

Unlocking lockdown to move towards the new normal is likely to include a different way of managing movement of vehicles and customers into and around a premises. The use of a Wheel-e-Gate can make this easier and more efficient while maintaining staff confidence and safety.

Wheel-e-Gate may be the piece you need in the jigsaw of procedures. Remotely controlled from distance with its own solar charged power supply and designed to work throughout the year (5000+ cycles of reserve power).

Wheel-e-Gate offers all this and more.

  • Comes with its own stand
  • Set up in less than 5 minutes and move as required.
  • Widths from 0m to 6.0m
  • A full range of opening options
  • Impact clutch to protect the barrier arm from accidental contact
  • Safe as the barrier is always in view (not coming down from above) with a light touch if it does happen to contact with anything.

More information and pricing at www.dofygate.co.uk. Designed and manufactured in Norfolk and used around the UK. Hire or purchase options. The Inst-e-Gate offers a long term solution with the same solar based advantages. I would be pleased to discuss any requirement you may have.

Covid-19 is likely to be with us for some time yet and the memory of this unfortunate time is likely cause altered working patterns for some time beyond the threat.  The full extent of the spread and impact can be seen on this interesting website click here....

Traffic barrier
Control of a fork lift operating area remotely by the driver