7 bar gate Norfolk 

7 bar gate for dogs – Blickling

7 Bar gate for dogs – Kent

7 Bart gate – Kennels

A great deal of time can be spent looking for a dog that has escaped and the means of escape is usually a gate left open. Our system makes keeping a gate closed very simple

What DOFYGATE offers that others systems do not

  • Fast – open or closes in under 5 seconds
  • Keeps dogs safe – without the hassle associated with a conventional barrier or the slowness of a normal electric gate.
  • Energiser – built in and included. Designed specifically for the gate
  • No wires – Built in solar panel and battery designed to work throughout the year
  • Remote control – All our options work with each other and can be added at any time.
  • Mobile – Our gate can be moved if needed at another location or circumstances change.

The dog gate version of Dofygate has been designed to contain both small and large dogs. The energiser provides a light shock to an interfering dog that is enough to say do not touch the gate again but not enough to make the dog frightened of passing through the gate when it is opened.

The action of the gate coming in from the sides means the closing gate is always in site and this action makes the dogs hesitant about trying to rush through. With most of the gap closed in 2 seconds from closing being initiated the opportunity for escape is limited.

When open the extra bars tuck behind the gate so that the gateway remains unimpeded and the open gate does not take up much room than the post it sits on.

Each unit carries its own unique DOFYGATE energiser that provides a shock to an animal touching the gate. The energiser used has been designed by ourselves for use with a Dofygate. No shock is produced when the gate is open and when closed a shock is only generated in response to interference making the unit extremely efficient. The shock itself is high voltage and low power and should contact be maintained for over 4 continuous seconds will cease to provide a shock.

The maximum width is 4.2 meters from post centre to post centre. If the gateway is less than this then the two halves of the gate can be overlapped or if required we will make a gate to order.